Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Celebration time

It turned out that I wasn't the only one who got accepted to a dream-like course. Two of my friends received scholarships from highschools abroad: one is going to study in the UK, the other one in - yes, you heard it right - Israel. That gave us quite a fair reason to celebrate. As the weather was beautiful, I figured out that the best way to start our little personal holiday would be having lunch on my beloved roof. That made a splendid excuse for preparing some yummy Israeli food. Check out the menu:
- Israeli salad (chopped cucumbers and tomatoes with parsley, mint, olive oil and lemon juice)
- home-made pita loaves with za'atar (the most delicous Middle Eastern spice ever)
- baked falafels
- spicy meatballs with dried fruits (this one was pork, neither kosher nor halal: what a shame! I blame the incompetence of my butcher, decent mutton is really hard to get in Poland. But despite this cultural inaccuracy, the taste was just perfect)
- fresh tahini and jogurt paprika sauce
- freshly squeezed orange juice
Tempting, isn't it? The way I see it, cooking can give you a great foretaste of travel. If you really can't wait to get on the road, play some Hebrew songs (I will write some more about these soon) and prepare yourself an Israeli treat. You can try some of my lunch ideas or use one of this article...
The headline speaks for itself. I love how the author shows the multiculturality of Israel, manifesting itself in all those diverse flavours.
The main advantage of this one is the classy design and great photos. Plus, it contains recipes ;)

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