Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bitter End

Dear Everybody,
I haven't been here for quite a while and I'm coming back with quite sad news. You all probably know that the current situation in Israel is getting more and more harsh, bombs and rockets fall on both sides of the border, several civilians and soldiers got killed or wounded, the online world is as full of violence as the real one. Of course, thanks to the Iron Drome intercepting a vast majority of the Hamas rackets, life on the Israeli side is incomparably more 'normal' than the reality in Gaza. People keep working and going out, in spite of the tension created by daily red alert sirens, terrifying news and violent political demonstrations.
However, the organisers of the Arava Valley of Peace Camp found the situation in the area too dangerous decided to cancel the camp. I can't blame them, it's obvious they want to avoid the risk. If anything happened to such an international youth group (and there's always such a possibility, even in the safest areas) Israel and the EMIS school would have to provide about 30 countries with apologies and explanations. That is clearly the last thing they need at the moment. It is quite an irony though, that a peace-focused camp got cancelled due to a military conflict. 
Personally, I'm rather devastated. I've been waiting for this trip for such a long time, counting days and holding my breath with excitement... And suddenly, this summer-dream vanishes, leaving me with nothing but a long, pointlessly free month. Of course, I'm going to spend it immersed in the news articles, tracking the next stages of the conflict and impatiently waiting for an efficient, peaceful resolution. And hopefully, as things get calmer, one day I'll catch a plane to Tel Aviv and experience everything I'm longing for.
Thank you all for crossing the fingers for me! No matter if I'm going or not, I can't underestimate the importance of all the amazing encounters, conversations and experiences. I've learned a lot during those months and I'm truly grateful for that. Even though my blog adventure is over, I strongly encourage you not to give up on your interests. What I managed to describe here is just a minute fragment of the multilayered Israeli reality, waiting for us to discover it.

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  1. Dear Julia,
    I'm so sorry for you :/ I don't know what to say except that you're invited to EMIS whenever you want! Let's hope this conflict will get calmer soon and that the school can open but, more important, that civil's death stop