Sunday, 1 June 2014

The watercolor world of Eden Calif

I ran into this girl completely by accident. I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed when I suddenly noticed a really awesome sketch of my friend's face, drawn in a original but casual manner. It got me curious about the artist so I immediately checked out her fanpage. I recommend you to do so as well:
Just imagine: a random 16 years-old Israeli that has already developed both brilliant technique and individual approach to painting. Wonderful. Using mostly watercolors and pen, she magics up slender silhouettes of ballerinas and surreally dramatic faces. Fascinated by the originality of the artworks, I chatted the girl up in order to get to know the person standing behind them. As I might have guessed, she turned out to be an artistic spirit. Music, painting, drawing, poetry theatre: it seems that she uses all the available forms to express her feelings and personality. What stroke me in particular was that Eden has never ever taken art classes! Taking after the talented women of her family, having been raised around a studio full of brushes and colorful stains, she naturally adopted this sense of sensitivity and creativity. Apart from that, she has this Israeli "set yourself goals, believe and achieve" attitude I've been already writing about. I obviously asked her about her feelings towards her country, too. 'I think I'll stay here in the future' she responded. Despite all the tensions and conflicts, Israel is her home. That's where her supportive family and friends are, that's where everybody understands the humor included in her artworks, that's where she got used to living.
For the time being, Eden Calif is just a teen with a passion and talent. But I'd advise you to remember that name and follow her on Facebook. There is certainly something unique about her works and in some years, who knows, that may lead her to achieving what she dreams of.

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